The Happy Thread

Though it may be hell, there is a flaw in this…

Zoobiefan doesn’t tailgate. They also go to football games with a crisp $20, the Word of Wisdom, and they don’t break either. :wink:

They are Satan’s personal hell. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


A nice story from our own backyard.


I can’t give that story enough stars!


Worth the click through - especially considering who tweeted it.

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Joseph the Giant


Joseph looked like the guy in Princess Bride.

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Somewhere Vince McMahon is kicking his own ■■■ over not shooting “A Biblical Christmas” starring André the Giant. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Great story by Canzano.

While we were savoring Bryson Barnes’ leading the Utes to victory in Pullman - where we last won on the feet of John White IV - a Wazzu fan had a cardiac event & went unconscious, saved by an ER nurse who has colon cancer, now in remission.



I would give 200 stars for this.
Making those among us smarter and stronger also makes us all smarter and stronger.


I was just reminded of the time my niece was selling a photography session to raise money for her dance company. We bought the package to support her, not because we wanted the photos. The photographer doing the shoot said there was a small window for us to do it and my wife was very pregnant with our first child.

As a side note, my wife is 6 months older than me, but even when we first got married looked younger than me. It has just gotten worse with age as she’s aged gracefully and now looks 15 years younger than she is, while I have not and look 10 years older than I am. However, at this time I was 27 and so was she, but she looked about 21.

So that’s some context.

We showed up for the shoot and the photographer looked at me and my very pregnant wife and said, “So is this like a Daddy-Daughter photo shoot or something?”

My wife teaches a small home preschool. I work from home. Sometimes during her class I’ll come out of my office and say ‘hi’ to the kids. I did that today, and like always some of the 3 and 4 year-olds will say to her, “Is that your dad?”

EDIT ADD: In retrospect - my wife didn’t want to be photographed, neither of us cared, and we only purchased the photo shoot to support my niece. To this day I still don’t get why we didn’t just not have the photoshoot.


I can commiserate on this one. My wife is 5 years older than me, but African Americans with that brown skin age far slower, at least in the wrinkle department.

Every time my wife is talking to one of our boys and says stuff like “black don’t crack”, I sometimes blurt out Hello!?!? I’m right here!