The Happy Thread

I feel a lot better already :slight_smile:

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I love watching accordion players.

Kinda looks like Bob Weir after a long strange trip

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I needed to see this this evening:

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Throughout Salt Lake City this past week teams of volunteers from many organizations gathered fallen trees and cut them into logs. The logs are being transported to Native American tribes throughout Utah for use as winter fuel. (The thought is that after the wood is cut into fireplace-size pieces it will be dry enough by late November to be good firewood.)

I thought this was a great example of making lemonade out of lemons.


Cooking up a pot of chili for dinner. Chili on a day like today always makes me happy.



Looks super tame and not intimidating as well. I’ve heard it has a constant stream of noise emanating from it, but when it comes time for action, you discover it’s just a lot of noise. It seems like the first 3/4ths of the confrontation it backs up so it is completely out of reach then inches closer the last 1/4 of the confrontation…then leaves.

But it then hangs around and constantly tells you how lucky you are the confrontation ended when it did…

Nothing to be too concerned about.

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@Steggys_Mixtapes goes to Costco.

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That’s just someone doing a cheap imitation.

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A remembrance from the Berlin Airlift:

[After a plane crashed and killed the pilot and co-pilot] Wolfgang Samuel, [a] German boy living near the end of [the] runway, wrote: “One of those C-54s turned over our barracks on a clear December night and then fell like a rock out of the sky. The two pilots were killed…Only three years ago they were fighting against my country, and now they were dying for us. The Americans were such strange people . . . I wondered, as only a boy can wonder, what made these people do the things they did?”

–Richard Reeves, Daring Young Men: The Heroism and Triumph of the Berlin Air Lift, pp. 176-177.

It’s a great book about a period in history most people don’t know enough about.


Here are some little guys to make you all smile. One of these little guys is going to be our next dog. The pictures don’t do their cuteness justice. At this point they’re about 10 days old.

edit to add their age

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Oh man. I’m getting the puppy pressure from my wife and 12 year old. I see so many puppy pictures everyday. So stinking cute. So exciting for you guys. We will probably get ours next Feb/March. Congrats!


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Our old Aussie passed in April and we wound up with a puppy in July. She 5 months old now. She likes to sleep under my desk while I work:

(She has the leash on while in the house because we are just finishing up the house-breaking thing. She 90% gets it.)


The windstorms last month blew the roofing off my garage (and my neighbor’s too) and I finally got around to replacing it last Friday and Saturday. I probably should have hired it out, but opted to do it myself which turned out to be a lot bigger project than I expected, as things like that typically do. I’m also older and far more out of shape than I was when I first put on that roofing many years ago.

It’s a low slope roof, and truthfully I’m planning in the next couple of years of tearing down the garage and reconfiguring it to something that makes sense (it has a gigantic footprint - if you look at google maps it appears almost as big as my house - yet is only a two car garage). So, part of my driver in this is I want to put as little money into something I’ll be tearing down anyway. So we put self-adhesive roll roofing on it.

You have to do some prep work to get a good surface adhesion and it needs to stay relatively clean. The weather of course has been great and so that was easy to do. Saturday morning my brother and I were putting the past pieces of roofing up, and literally one minute after we put the final piece down the wind picked up and blew TONS of leaves and dust onto the roof. Had that happened 2 minutes earlier it would have been disaster.

So, just posting that sometimes happy things do happen, even in the middle of crappy crappy things. That has been 2020 for me.


Whenever I’m in the suburbs, I think “hey, would you like a little house with your garage?”

There are some really bad architects out there. Even if you “need” a huge garage, don’t make it the prominent feature viewed from the street!

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This is a detached garage, and at one point it was just a simple two car garage… but then previous owners added an awning on the side for RV parking… and then added onto the back of it a workshop. And then some more strange awning for covered parking on the back of it. So fortunately from the street it doesn’t overwhelm the house (it is mostly hidden by it). But it takes up an unnecessary part of my back yard. I could easily reconfigure in a smaller footprint a 3 car garage with a large workshop, and it’d even open up space for what could be a half-court basketball court - and still gain yard. It’s kinda nuts.

But I agree with you, I’ve never been a fan of houses that are mostly garage. Which reminds me of my favorite SLC suburb house that fits your description. May I present Garage Mahal as dubbed by the neighbors in the neighborhood it is in. The home was built to the very edge of every setback in a tree-lined neighborhood of mostly historic tudor homes.

Detached is the way to go for a garage. Remember the first rule of home ownership landscaping: cover as much dirt as possible with grass, concrete, wood, or rock. Minimize weeding. Sounds like your previous owners did alright on that front.

Funny, I think every upper/middle class suburban neighborhood in SLC has a garage mahal. I know my parents’ neighborhood has one.