The great I-15 caravan Sunday 1-2-22

Post your travel updates here, anything we all need to be aware of heading up the I-15 corridor.

Rest in the Fillmore-Beaver area.


Congestion picking up after Barstow (as of 9:30am), but still freeway speeds.

Just got on I-15 from I-10. Not bad traffic and freeway speeds.

Part way up to El Cajon pass. Heavy traffic, stop and go, under 20 mph.

It cleared right up after the Palmdale exit. Half of the traffic took that exit. Back to freeway speeds.

There is still the construction slow down between mesquite and littlefield. Warning - (1) if you choose to take Hwy 91, watch for speed traps in mesquite, (2) the cops have the on-ramp in littlefield blocked, so can’t rejoin I-15 (google maps doesn’t know this !), and you have to take 91 all the way to St George.


The construction zone at Littlefield slowed traffic to a crawl and it took us an hour to get from Mesquite through the construction. Other than that it was busy roads with a lot of traffic but we were able to drive 80MPH the whole way.

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For those with new-ish rigs…

Do you find using the adaptive cruise control to actually be more fuel efficient than just driving?

Asking for a friend. :wink:

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