The glass is more than half-full

After U$C and fUCLA did us dirty, its important to remember that we are still looking at probably the rosiest pre-season projections ever for the coming football season.

My main concerns:

  1. I think Bam, while a little sketchy at times, could move his whole side of the line down the field in a pinch, and we might miss him more than we think (plus he was basically blocking two guys at once, playing a double-wide set for field-goals).

  2. I don’t know if he will stick in the NFL, but Covey was one of the best college level receivers to ever wear a Utah uniform, and his presence on the field really freed up the TEs.

Wow, it would be great to beat the LA schools like rented mules and quality for the playoff this year. I hope the guys are working like mad this summer to get ready for Florida. Whatever the future holds, this year could be a heck-of-a ride.