The Extra Point Vidcasts:'s Athlete-focused NIL project

Kudos and thankls to @GhostofBarrySwitzer and everyone involved in the KUTV Talkin’ Utes show. Utah intercollegiate athletics needs all the NIL help it can get.

We just want to announce also that the Extra Point Vidcasts are’s NIL project. The athletes are being paid for their appearances. Viewership is growing rapidly–beyond all expectations, really–and as that continues the show will be increasingly attractive to advertisers and to donors. We’ll then be able to pay the guests more. Right now we’re covering only our costs and the payments to the athletes (who love the arrangement–Ute athletes are not rolling in money and are grateful for any extra cash they can get).

Every show will be linked here in this thread. Please keep sharing the links!

In the vidcasts the approach that Jordan Wynn, Cal Beck, and Andy Brown are taking is to emphasize the student-athlete’s progress, with an emphasis on life after football. They are starting with football players, and as time passes we will see more athletes from the women’s sports and from what are called the “non-revenue sports.” Basketball will be one focus during that season. As we hope you’ve seen, we are spotlighting the very best faces of Utah intercollegiate athletics, with guests like Devaughn Vele, Jordan Noyes, Bryson Barnes, Jaylon Glover, and Solomon Enis from football; and with Dasia Young and Alissa Pili from women’s basketball.

Spread the word! The hosts are great, knowledgeable, and have excellent chemistry. They’re making a show that Ute fans can be proud of.

Here’s the link to the post-USC game show. I think it’s their best effort yet. This week’s guests are the Utes’ Devaugn Vele and Steve Bartle of 247 Sports. Watch for smart analysis by co-hosts Jordan Wynn and Cal Beck, former Ute stars with a deep knowledge of football and Utes culture and history. Together with Host Andy Brown, they’re also funny and actually like each other! Some guy claiming to be @NewbombTurk also pops up on this episode.

Another great show!

Jordan with the baratone after all the yelling - lol, awesome!

Great comments about the game, the situation, the overall context, everything.

  • Vele is so impressive, amazing how Covey made such an impact on him, and how that part of our game came out at just the right time, in the right game.

  • Great insight & conversation between Vele with Beck, explaining the improv between Rising & Vele on pass placement depending on the coverage leverage.

  • The deeper culture aspects Vele describes and Jordan elaborates on make the difference, not just a close game, but in recruiting, with the fanbase, everything.

  • So cool hearing Vele explain how Rising just looks at the guy where the play is going, and says “go make a play”.

  • Rising = Leadership off the charts

Devaughn’s going to play on Sundays, he deserves everything positive that comes his way. He’s a great sport for coming on the podcasts, but that experience is going to pay off for him.


Jordan’s a little reserved but you can tell he knows football so well. I loved the tidbit about deep balls from him and chow - Of 10 throws you complete 3, get PI on 2 so that’s 50%


That was fantastic! Thanks for the show. I’ll be watching and subscribing :grinning:


You guys were way off on the first time Utah beat USC. It was 1915; Utah won 20-13. And I have no idea who the quarterbacks for each team were.

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With all of the content we have to cover it’s not unusual that we get a fact or two wrong. Regardless, ESPN and other outlets make mistakes as well so we rely on the viewers feedback to right the ship. Thank you so much for watching and we’ll do better next time!