“The Extra Point” Utah vs ASU recap feat. Devaughn Vele

Guys, we did a great show with Devaughn and have some top flight analysis from the Extra Point team on the ASU game and the upcoming OSU game. We got @Ma-ake and @Greginslc ’s questions answered by Vele as well as some other ones. Tune in and check it out! Vele is a great guest and this is a very strong podcast. We’d love your support and GO UTES!

I LOVE that it’s at Ed’s :slight_smile:


GREAT show, Steggy! The chemistry with you guys is excellent, the bantering, humor, the insights, everything.

We knew Jordan is great, but Cal Beck is just as good, very impressive. He’s got “it” as a coach and a commentator, really solid, better than a lot of the TV guys (in a format that allows elaboration, granted).

Beck’s a great listen in terms of how he frames different parts of the game - this is how coaches take the remarkably complex topic of football and break it down into digestable, actionable approaches, which is what players need and what helps fans understand the nuances and all the pieces that need to come together.

Even the set, the setting… very polished.

Watching Vele is must-see TV for any Ute fan, but really this show is taking on it’s own character and it’s now a must on the following Sunday.

Keep it up!


Excellent show.