The BYU Cougars want to play, and won’t stop pursuing fall football season

They only have three games on their schedule at this point. What would they be playing for exactly?

A national championship? They’ll be the only one’s playing, so they get their natty.


Well, they do tend to beat themselves an awful lot so this would be a certain loss.


The things you do to try to make your program feel relevant.


At least they have a chance to play this season. I am going to guess they pick up a few more decent games but any game is better than what we’re going to play this fall.

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Playing teams like Troy is better?

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Playing teams, any team is better than not playing at all.

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If byu-provo plays more than 4 games I would think they would be wasting eligibility of a lot of players. Teams not playing at all will likely retain eligibility for their seniors. Plus they may also get more than 85 schollies because of the incoming freshman. But if your team plays, they may lose eligibility.

I don’t think I would want to kill a year of eligibility playing Troy.


I think individual players can opt out can’t they? I’m personally a little bit jealous if they get to play no matter who they play. I love football and it will suck this fall without it.

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BYU football right now is kind of like a singles dating scene.

2020 opponent Liberty University is drawing the concern of the ACC because they haven’t done any testing in 3 weeks… because they’re Liberty, Jerry Falwell University.

So the reaction on CB is “maybe we can get those games with ACC teams who might dump Liberty!” (No apparent thought themselves on “dating” Liberty & getting infected.)

I love football, too, but I’d say it’s 50/50 on whether the NFL can do what MLB is doing.

The Myocarditis knockout punch may make the NFL season like a strike-altered season, where a lot of marquee players (smartly) take the year off, and marginal players give it their one and only shot, hoping they can somehow stick on a team, ignoring the reason the marquee guys are staying away.

What a crazy situation.


The season is over. Fighting to burn up some kid’s eligibility in meaningless games is meshugga. At some point the LDS Church’s legal mafia is going to chime in and shut this ■■■■ down.


Let’s say they get those games. Will any of them be at home?

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Sounds like this year will not count against eligibility. This is free practice vs live opponents for them.

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I just happened to be listening on the radio to a guy named Mitch Harper, talking about BYU’s game with Navy next Monday night. It occurred to me that the hype that comes out of serious BYU fans is really unusual. It’s just different, uniquely over-the-top and also kind of weirdly adorable. No other program talks about their players or teams the way those people do. I know everyone here knows that, but tonight it seemed to become clear to me in a different way.