The 2021 college football 16 team playoff

Every year on here since I’ve joined I advocated for 16 teams (all of the conference champs have an autobid). How would it look this year? We use the rankings for seeding:

Number 1. Alabama (SEC Champ) vs. 16. Northern Illinois (MAC Champ) in Tuscaloosa, Al. Game 1
Number 8. Ole Miss (At Large) vs 9. Oklahoma State (At Large) in Oxford, Ms. Game 2

Number 4. Cincinnati (AAC Champ) vs. 13. Louisiana (Sun Belt Champ) in Cincinnati, Oh. Game 3
Number 5. Notre Dame (At Large) vs. 12. Pitt (ACC Champ) in South Bend, In. Game 4

Number 2. Michigan (B1G Champ) vs. 15. Utah State (MWC Champ) in Ann Arbor, Mi. Game 5
Number 7. Baylor (B1G Champ) vs. 10. Michigan State (At Large) in Waco, Tx. Game 6

Number 3. Georgia (At Large) vs. 14. UTSA (CUSA Champ) in Athens, Ga. Game 7
Number 6. Ohio State (At Large) vs. 11. Utah (Pac 12 Champ) in Columbus, Oh. Game 8

Game 1 winner vs Game 2 Winner Game 9 Peach
Game 3 winner vs Game 4 Winner Game 10 Rose Bowl

Game 5 winner vs Game 6 Winner Game 11 Fiesta Bowl
Game 7 winner vs Game 8 Winner Game 12 Sugar

Semi Final
Game 9 winner vs Game 10 winner Game 13 Cotton Bowl
Game 11 winner vs Game 12 winner Game 14 Orange Bowl

Game 13 winner vs Game 14 winner Indianapolis

Looks reasonable to me. But I like the idea of a 16 team playoff too.

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I believe 16 teams is the way to go. And your teams and seeds look about right.

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I think first round on campus is an awesome gift to the top 8 teams.


Sounds great. It adds 4 games for the eventual winner which may or may not have played a championship game. 16/17 games for the eventual winner. The last of which are played during finals…a couple of potential issues.

FCS plays 16 games if you play in the title. Are we really saying FBS couldn’t do that. Weak critique.

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It’s not weak. It’s real. Utah has an APR of 90. I know that not all schools value that but others do.

Alabama’s is a 990. Utah’s is a 998. It’s a weak argument because you act like playing more (which Alabama has) will ruin their academics. Let’s be real, the more the team is in season the more accountability they will have. Also, again… We’re talking one more game for the team playing in a Championship (FBS plays 15 and FCS plays 16). If your APR goes down due to one more week of preparation you have other issues.

You’re talking about 2 more games for the winner, one game longer than a NFL regular season. CCGs should be the first round in an 8 game scenario. Otherwise, I prefer the 12 team model with the 4 highest getting a bye.

You would get rid of one season game because conference matters more 11+ Conf Champ=12 +4 playoff games= 16. Same as FCS.

The FBS level has too many teams, it needs to be split into 2 divisions, each with their own playoff. I know they won’t do it, and that’s why any desire for an objective championship format can not be accommodated.

In my perfect world, the top level would consist of 8 regional conferences with 10 teams each. Conference championships would begin the first round of a 16 team playoff. Aint happening, I know.

If the FBS is to be considered a single division, then it’s ridiculous that every conference isn’t involved. Even more ridiculous is the concept that you can win a National Title without first winning a sectional title. For that reason, I vote no at large bids.

20 team playoff,

Round 1(CCG week)
CCG for all 10 leagues(Independents must join a conference if they want to qualify).

Round 2(week after CCG)
Seeding comes into play, 1-6 get a bye
7vs10/ 8vs9 winners advance to quarter final, losers go to bowl season.

Quarterfinal(Dec. 27-ish)

Semifinal(Jan. 3-ish)

Final(Jan. 10ish)