Thanks Amazon

Check this out…

Yeah, that is my house and my package…

pfft that guy has no form, underhand toss what a sissy


He’s not winning the corn hole tournament this year.

That form…:scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:


Did you report him? That’s awful!


I actually did. I was pretty reluctant to do so because I am a believer that these gig workers are victims of Amazon… but then I thought in this job market maybe it will prompt him to get out of what is essentially modern indentured servitude.

Which leads to a broader subject of me actually putting my money where my mouth is and having our family stop ordering from Amazon.

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I say this every time I talk about Amazon. “I’ll drop Amazon Prime… eventually…”

I don’t use the streaming service much and I’m noticing a lot of junk from China is getting top results in the searches, so it’s hard to find quality stuff without searching directly for it by name. Often there will be a markup from drop shipping. But every once in a while I really milk the convenience of the service, like for dog treats.

P.S. I feel weird when I get an Amazon package and it’s… actually… a book. It’s like a flashback.

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I won’t be dropping Prime for the sole reason that the new season of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maizel,” is due to drop in February. I’ve really missed that show.

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Expanse S.6 on Friday as well.


Ha! So check this out. Round 2, same guy. I reviewed the camera footage to check on something else and guess who is doing the same thing. Well I guess he did take a step forward, so 3 feet less:

Some of Mac’s teams could have used that guy’s arm. He can really chuck the ball.

Packages are probably treated about the same when in the warehouse and when loading the truck. Frisbee’ing them onto the porch at arm level is probably better than chucking them in a lob like he did 1st time. But still room for Gallagher to improve.

Not Amazon, but ordered some Google photos of Vegas for an album for my son (trip to CCG was an early Christmas present) and UPS has said it’s going to be delivered each day by 9:00 since Dec 23rd. Still not here.

General rule is a package can handle a 3’ fall. I know it is fish-eyed, but that is at least a 10’ toss, the first was probably 15’.

Glad that was not my last vinyl record purchase.

One Christmas season, many years ago, I loaded trucks at UPS. They had a rule that you have to maintain two hands on every package from when you pick it up to when you stack it. There were so many packages, on those belts it was impossible to do that. You would throw about 15 or 20 boxes into the truck then run and stack them then run out to the belt and do the same thing again.

So yeah, buy insurance if you ever ship something fragile and valuable, especially during December.

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That explains it. For nearly five years I worked for a moving company. Early days. One of the first training assignments I received was in packing a box: A dish pack, a medium, a large, a wardrobe, a book carton. How to crate a slab of marble or plate glass. How to pack a framed picture. I had skills. :laughing:

Fast forward 47 years, 2007, I sold on eBay my wife’s entire Fostoria crystal set. Loaded with stemware, oyster stems, everything a Southern gal required to navigate social life. I packed a full dish pack or drum, shipped it across the entire country. The guy who got this, wanted the pattern so that he could give a set to each of his grandchildren, called me up. Not a piece was broken.

A month ago using the same skill set, I sent a handmade one of a kind art platter from a Virginia master potter to a buyer in Virginia. It arrive broken. The only way that could have happened, in my view, given how it was packed, was it was tossed round.

Thank you UPS.


I can’t believe @RockerUte is posting such graphic videos of random strangers manhandling his package.

That has to be against the UFN terms of service, right?!?


Worked my way through college 35 years ago in part, by stacking luggage in the belly of airplanes. A guy at the bottom of the conveyer, a guy at the top and a a guy to stack the luggage. Speed was the name of the game and that luggage would take a beating. Tossed around with abandon. I’m guessing there’s an updated and more humane system in place today.

Judging by the regular damage to the my luggage the last few years, especially golf club bags and hard shell cases, I’ll say it hasn’t changed.

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This is why I have adopted the pack light and only take a carry on philosophy of Rick Steves when flying.