Thank You Utah!

Who would have known a night in New Orleans would have been so special for two programs. This was a day that Utah won the Natty (I say claim it because you were better than Florida). This was a night that Utah proved they were a P5. This was a night you smacked Alabama and their fans in the mouth and killed the old belief that “We’re Alabama” so we can just walk on the field and win. It is one of the most impressive opponents and biggest ass whippings I have ever seen.

Because of that we at Alabama had to figure out what happened. What that “what” was is that we didn’t completely buy in to “The Process” Saban talked about. Since that amazing ass kicking our teams have flipped. Since that night we’ve won 5 National Titles (6th opportunity tomorrow), 3 Heisman trophies, 33 first round draft picks, 67 All Americans, and every class recruited under Nick Saban has played (and if the win Monday will include won) in a National Title.

I’m not sure the fan base, admin and culture would be here without Utah.

Go Utes!

We are happy to have your association, have you ever visited Salt Lake City?

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Thanks for that perspective from a Bama fan. I got the feeling a lot of Bama fans shrugged that off as a fluke. I am not sure if the two teams would have met a week later that Utah would have won again. But that was a special night.

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A quick count shows Alabama had 21 future NFL players on their roster, we had 10. Didn’t take the time to analyze which players were impact players in the NFL and which weren’t contributing yet on the field.

Nine of Utah’s ten future NFL players were on defense. Not sure if Utah’s offense would have faired well in a rematch, it would have likely been a 13-10 game similar to the TCU game but we wouldn’t have had Ross Evans’ help.

That list is not accurate. Matt Asiata, Freddie Brown, R.J. Stanford and Robert Johnson also spent time in the NFL.

Nah. Many of us will admit an ass whoopin’ years later. I have always been shocked the U never claimed a National Title like UCF though.

Yes. I have friends who played football for Universities in Provo and SLC. The Inland Empire is a pretty big area for Utah and that other school to recruit.

Hadn’t had my coffee yet , I should have recognized the Asiata error right away.

Next time you’re here you should tour The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Conference Center if you haven’t seen it.

And the Rio Tinto Kennecott Mine