Is bad, really bad.

…has flashes of brilliance and then forgets how to play at all.

…doesn’t know how to hold a lead

…forgot how to tackle and are tricked by anything but standard plays

They look just fine for me. That said, IMO TU is as irritating as that school in Provo. So, any loss for TU is a good loss.


TU is not going to enjoy their $EC experience. The revenues might be OK, but playing third or fourth banana behind Alabama, Auburn Georgia, LSU, Kentucky, Florida and Oklahoma is going to be a very hard ego pill to swallow. Going from a big fish in a little pond to A FISH in a pond full of sharks…yikes.


Player development is a huge issue for Texas. Yesterday their pre-game radio talking heads said that over the last 15 years, they have had 40 4* or 5* offensive live recruits - zero have been drafted in the NFL

I believe I heard that correctly… they will get crushed in the SEC. Justblook at the Arkansas game.