Team hints at things being better chemistry wise

First Krysko mentions he has a team where he doesn’t have to worry about grades/eligibility etc.

Now Timmy Allen has mentioned this team won’t have issues on or off the court.

Hard not to read between the lines, obviously there were issues last year…and those issues seem to have moved on.

That is something to celebrate. I hope it translates into a few more wins, and some tough, together play.

Issues last year? I think there have been issues every year for a while so it’s definitely good to hear. It sounds like he may have finally found the right group of guys.

It’s good to hear things are getting sorted out. A toxic locker room in basketball tends to weigh heavy on the win-loss column. Look at the Lakers.

I’d sure like to know more about this ‘toxic locker room’, can someone shed some light on who was supposedly the toxic one?

First hand experience, I don’t think Johnson was ever 100% invested. I walked out of the stadium with him twice last year. Not because I wanted to or waited for him but because he was leaving with the rest of the crowd. That tells me he was obviously not with his team and more focused on partying that night.

As for Tillman, it’s obvious his mother was impacting his focus. That’s out of his control.

Not sure about Gaskin if it’s being qualified or health but he was never fully there either

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