Tavion Thomas vs WSU

Rumor that Tavion did not make the trip. Anyone know for sure?

Is Ricky Parks still on the team? There have been rumors that he is gone, but he’s still on the official roster. Did he make the trip?

I don’t know, but I hope someone knows what is going on and can enlighten us.

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Ruh Roh!! :grimacing:

Utah Utes may be without Tavion Thomas against Washington State | Sports Illustrated Utah Utes News, Analysis and More

He just posted this on Twitter so sounds like he won’t be there but still ‘on board’ if you will:


TT has had a rough year. I’m not giving up on him.


Not that I’m looking to rumor monger, but… what has made it a tough year for him other than his not doing specific things that the football team expected of him?

Has he had some disarray in his personal life that affected his willingness and/or ability to do the training necessary?

I only ask because everyone is saying “he’s had a tough year” but no one will elaborate. Is this just an assumed premise since he hasn’t been starting and playing as much? Or are there other factors at play?

His aunt who basically raised him passed away. He hadn’t been home for a few years, but was able to go home after her passing to be with family.

Everyone grieves in different ways. When my dad passed, I was in a fog for quite some time afterwards.


Thank you. I was not aware of that. That definitely qualifies as something that makes this a “tough year”.

Thanks again.


Micah Bernard is also out


The absence of both of them makes the situation exponentially worse. Oh well, as Whitt would say, next man up.

Who’s next?
How about Jackson?

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Agree with Absolute - my bet is Ja’Quinden Jackson as the 3rd.

Team guy, 225+, good athlete, I’m sure has immersed himself in the RB part of the playbook.

We’re at the point in the season where everyone is hurting, even from dings or tweaks in practice.

We have 3 warriors.


FWIW, here are TT’s tweets before and immediately after the game.

I’m going to assume this means he’s still really engaged and the program is working with him to get him through and have it together. Whatever that is I don’t really care. I can respect his privacy.


I heard that Parks made the trip and was next man up if anything happened to Glover and/or Jackson.


There was a shot of Ricky Parks sitting on the bench next to Glover last night.