Tau Herculids

We drove out past Grantsville towards Iosepa last night to try to catch the Tau Herculids show. We saw 30-40 meteors in about 1.5 hours. It was decnt but on par with Perseids and not anywhere near the high predictions.

But it is always great going out and seeing the stars mostly free of light pollution. That is a show worth it in itself. Anybody else try to catch this event?

Went out in my backyard a few minutes around 11PM but didn’t see anything. “Meteor storms” (where one might see 100s of meteors in a few minutes) are extraordinarily rare, and unlike eclipses are rather unpredictable, and few ever get to see one.

The west desert on a clear night is always a show. Seeing the Milky Way like somebody made a throwing motion with a paint brush is moving.

For those who don’t know, Iosepa is “Joseph” in Hawaiian. In Tongan it is Siosefa.

The Polynesian languages don’t have the “j” sound, it’s interesting to see how they anglicized words & names independently, and how they’ve diverged from each other over time.