Super Bowl LV

Weird to have a super bowl with now former utes in it.

Interesting game leading into the half, but odd w/o any Utes in the game.

Interesting if you love bad penalties and shanked punts. Woof.

Didn’t say it was good, just interesting. KC defense has seemingly imploded on that last drive of the half. Gotta hand it to the TB defense making Mahomes run a bit.

Spot foul on PI is sitll the worst rule in sports.


Still pretty amazing to just watch Brady do his thing. Love him or hate him, dude’s unquestionably the GOAT.

Should be 28-6, still can’t believe they came up a couple inches short.


Granted I’m not the target audience (never heard this dude before today), but this is the most boring SB halftime I can remember.

Unless you count Alex Whittingham :wink:

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I like shanked punts. Kicker miscues are hilarious.

Worst part of this game is it isn’t close. Some of the most memorable games in history have been decided on kicker blunders.

Amazing how often pro teams can just squeak into the playoffs and then win it all. It’s so different from college football.

Remember, if Alex Smith had been able to go in round 1, the Bucs would have been 1 and done in this playoff. Crazy.

This is a pretty boring game.

We’ve been spoiled by so many recent great superbowls, but remember that everyone used to call it the super-bore.

I really thought KC had a better team than this. I miss John Madden, he made uninteresting games interesting.

Jim Nantz needs to do more hijinks.

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Tampa did something many have been trying to do over the last two years…

Scheme for Mahomes. A lot of DC’s in the league are going to be rolling this film to prep for the upcoming draft and 2021 season.

Prediction - KC will make the playoffs because the AFC West is a mess, but they will get “Romo’d” in the first round unless they can get him a some legit backup tackles and someone not named Hill or Kelce who can catch a ball.

This is pretty good,


Laughing out loud on that one! Especially funny for those of us that played that classic game.