Story on recruitment of Caleb Lohner

Another good job by the Dnews. Lots of info I did not know in this story.

I’m starting to have urges to sip some Kool-Aid. i’ll call my son. Maybe he can talk me down.

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Me too!!!

I saw on 247 that he is listed at 6 ft 6, but on the wasatch academy website they have him at 6 ft 9. If he really is anywhere that tall with the wingspan he reportedly has, we could have some very versatile lineups when this team finally gets to play together. Our depth chart is going to be very crowded next year. Jones, martinez, allen, lohner, carlson would probably start, maybe Gach in place of martinez. Then you have Gach, Larsson, Brenchley, Battin, Jantunen, Thioune. If anyone gets the shaft it should be brenchley.

If we don’t play some sort of positionless basketball it is going to be hard to get all of those guys meaningful minutes.

I doubt we start two freshmen. I think the starting lineup is Jones, Gach, Allen, Jantunen, Carlson. I think 3-4 of those will have a green light from three, depending on Allen’s progress in the offseason.

Guards: There is an open competition between the 5 guards Martinez/Plummer/Larsson/Brenchley/Wenzel for remaining guard minutes. Plummer is proven, and Martinez is hyped. Larsson seems like a good redshirt candidate, but you probably don’t come across the Atlantic to redshirt.
Forwards: Lohner and Battin get minutes off the bench.
Center: Thione gets time if we need a traditional center.

Man, I totally forgot about Plummer. He very well may be the starter at 2 over Gach, especially if he works on his defense this offseason. Sorry, no amount of practice is going to lead to Allen having even a slightly below average 3pt shot. The dude airballed wide open threes. He is not comfortable shooting from there. His three point shot is completely broken.

I sincerely hope that Battin is the odd man out in the rotation at the 4. He can have minutes when someone is hurt, or just playing really bad. If you are a shooter that sucks at everything else, and you refuse to shoot open threes you shouldn’t be on the court. If he can get rid of the yips he can be helpful. I just don’t think it’s going to happen.

If Larsson isn’t the best of the 2 guards I really hope he redshirts as well. Don’t see it happening, but it would sure clear things up a bunch.

Agree that Larsson won’t come all this way to just sit & watch. Larry K said he is built like Cody Barton–if so he can play some 3.

Yeah, in today’s world of basketball, I’m not so preoccupied with whether they play the 2 or 3. They are essentially the same position.If these guys are all legit we are going to have a ton of options.