Still no respect i see

Effing LOUISIANA (Not LSU, just plain Louisiana, from which conference again?) ranked but not us?? Let me regurgitate the old chestnut from 2004-2005 “WHO HAVE THEYPLAYED” to deserve that ranking? I mean this one is truly among the more blatant and egregious cases of Eastern Media bias Ive seen in decades.

Dude, that’s what happen when you lose three games. If the Utes loses where to Alabama, Georgia and Ohio State… yea, I would think the Utes should be ranked. But they lost to two non P5 teams and the friggen Beavers.


Sad but true. I am not even sure we will get ranked if we win next week. Have to beat the Ducks if we want any notice. Don’t care atm. Win games and play in the conference championship and prove it on the field.


Sigh. Our losses were to BYU and San Diego State, and even the Oregon State loss wasnt all that dramatic… SO losses to 2 ranked teams ( on and off) and yet BYU lost to respected teams and are STILL getting the fellatio trip of the year…

And you failed to make ANY coherent response to my reference to Louisiana. Please dont waste everyone’s time with pointless drivel.



The reality of the situation in college football is if you aren’t in contention for the CFP, rankings don’t mean squat. Do you care who was ranked 5 - 25 last year? I don’t. Utes are playing for a conference championship and the Rose Bowl…I’ll remember THAT if they win.


Do you not see the difference between 1 lose and 3 ? If Utah had just one lose they’d be in the top 10.

Win games = collect prizes. Not really difficult


It’s frustrating, but the school, and conference are in the WRONG timezones. If it weren’t for the fact that we had Saturday off we wouldn’t have stayed up past halftime. The previous 2 late starts (10pm Eastern) we had to bail at halftime because we had to drive to officiate races. We only got that far into the games because we are fans and grads of Utah. We wouldn’t have even paid attention otherwise, can you really expect a non Utah or PAC fan to pay attention to 10 pm starting games?


They do matter. For NY6 bowls. The 5-12 will likely determine the Rose Bowl Big10 team. And perhaps for us too. For example, if Oregon were to make the CFP and we were the only other CFP ranked team in the Pac12, the Rose would have to take us over choosing someone else.

Not gonna lie. Y’all would have a tough game with Louisiana. The Ragin Cajuns are legit. It’s why their coach is being offered P5 gigs which he has turned down so far.


The CFP poll matters, but that hasn’t come out yet. The AP and Coaches’ Polls, which I presume are what you are complaining about, don’t affect the Rose Bowl selection process. And we’re only in competition with other Pac-12 teams when it comes to the Rose Bowl. The ranking for the Ragin’ Cajuns won’t affect us at all. That’s the great thing about being the Pac-12. If we win the Pac-12 Championship game, we don’t have to worry about the polls.


Oh yeah, I meant CFP poll. Sorry about that. Yeah, I don’t care about AP or coaches. Just a beauty contest with time zone bias. And yes, win CCG.

I wasn’t complaining about our ranking or anything. Read the thread. I just responded to a statement I read that CFP poll doesn’t matter past 4.

The Ragin Cajuns aren’t ranked in the CFP.


I agree. But imagine how many fans Stanford would have had in their stadium if the game started at 5pm West coast time( to hit the prime time window for the East coast). As much as it would help to have earlier starts, I just don’t see any fan support for it. Also, there are three teams with 3 loses in the top 25. All three should be ranked ahead of Utah. Auburn, Iowa and Penn State. Utah is not getting jobbed. They have not won enough and/or have any really big victories yet this year.

I don’t know if this counts as respect, or not, but both bspn bowl prognosticators have Utah playing Michigan State in the Rose Bowl.


I can’t argue with you, other than Stanford’s stadium. Now often is that baby really full, or even 3/4 full? I was commenting to Mrs CCU that Stanford students/alum have to show that they’re above the rabble of athletic ventures. They’re too smart and sophisticated for that. I was being sarcastic with my comment to her about the lack of attendees, but I wonder just how off I am? I realize everyone loves a winner, but do Cal and Stanford really fill up their stadiums, ever?

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Stanford is a school filled with nerds who have better things to do than care about football.

They’re the future gazillionaires we’re gonna wanna tax to death.


I haven’t seen them play. I do like Utah’s trajectory though.

I don’t think Utah deserves to be ranked yet. But I did think it was odd that BYU jumped seven spots after giving up 49 points at home to Virginia.


It looks like SI, CBS, Bleacher Report and 247 all have Michigan State and Oregon in the Rose. I guess the Utes will just have to keep winning.