Stanford Game Thread

So - what are the bold predictions for tonight? Stanford always makes me nervous.

I think we should win this game in pretty dominating fashion. Run it down their throats, as they haven’t been able stop anyone all year. Which, of course, means we’ll probably squeak out a victory on a last-second FG or something.

31-13 Utah.


Utes - 42
Surfin’ Trees - 17


run, run, run, and stop then from running…

34-14 Utah

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Utah 34
Creepy Trees 31

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Utah 42 Stanford 21

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37-20 but only because of a late Stanford TD.

38-29 Utes.

crossing fingers the Ute offense continues to roll because the Scally defense is very Pac12 ish

99-2 for the Utes. 45 4th quarter points. Mercy rule NOT invoked.

For me this is true of every away game. Not so much home games for some reason. Anyway, cuz Stanford plays Stanford ball they make me especially nervous.

Stanford is a one-dimensional offense. They’re TERRIBLE at running the ball. Like, one of the worst in the country. And they’re just AWFUL at stopping the run as well. I think Tavion Thomas could have a career game tonight. Remember, UCLA, who Utah just beat by 20 points, won @ Stanford 35-24. If they could win there, why can’t Utah? I have Utah winning 42-17.


Utah plays well historically at Stanford. They won there in 2018 40-21. And that Stanford team is better than this one

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Utah 2-0


This is a pivotal game in two ways. First is the obvious implications of clinching the South. Second is the growth arc of the team. They’re favored. The division and CCG are on the line. They’re on the road. If they can handle the expectations and pressure, and play loose and with energy it will pay dividends down the road. I think they pass all the tests.

Utes 49
Cardinal 14

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54-20. Utes win!

Utah 43, Stanford 24.

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I predict Covey wont flex on the sidelines .

Utes 28-Trees 10


I know ever team faces injuries to key players… but what happens if Risen gets hurt? that other kid from Texas doesn’t look ready to throw the ball.

Really hoping Utah is getting these other Qb’s the reps in practice…

Ok- that was a debbie downer but I hate that we really haven’t seen what other Qb’s can do.

IF rising gets hurt, we will become a triple option with jackson