Stanford and the mystery of Ute turnovers

I don’t understand the turnovers. It’s late in the season and they should not be making such mistakes. How does a team have that problem all season long, and it never gets better? Do we simply lack quickness? Then again, our point guard simply throwing the ball away in crunch time isn’t a quickness issue. Depressing.

This, I believe, is a hallmark if a Krystkoviak team.
It would be interesting to see how Utes ranked nationally in turnovers each year. I bet he is near top more years than not.


Unforced errors and turnovers are killers. This season’s team has been riddled with them.

It’s going to be a long off season…again.


Poor coaching. Plain and simple. Larry’s teams have never shown any type of valuing possessions. That’s what it boils down to in the end. Attention to detail matters in this area of play. Larry also has shown very little signs of holding players accountable for turnovers.

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Our teams under our current coach have always had turnover issues. Lazy passes and players seemingly not knowing where they are supposed to be on offense have always been a regular thing.

As far as the Stanford game goes, I can’t speak for the beginning game turnovers, I didn’t tune in until about 10 minutes left in the first half when we finally started not playing absolutely horrific. The turnover by Jones at the end is forgivable in my opinion. He is a freshman, he plays darn near 40 minutes a game, and he is the least healthy person on our team. He had a major shin bruise a few days prior, and lets not forget that he’s been playing with a broken rib. Also, given Gach’s refusal to make threes, Jones passed the ball where it needed to be passed, Gach just made the wrong choice.

I’d like to chalk it up to inexperienced players, but we have always always always struggled when we are full court pressed. Dana Altman knows this and abuses our teams with that strategy at any possible opportunity.