Stadium feedback

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On what:
There are not enough entrances—or maybe staffing or e-ticket issues.
Whatever it is always a mess. If you aren’t 1 hour early good luck making the kickoff.

And the concourses during the game are worst than rush hour traffic—mistake to remove the food trucks from south end zone.

Thank you for letting me vent/rant. I now fell better.

I think that is the dumbest decision made so far, in terms of customer service. The waits at halftime for a hotdog and a drink were ridiculous. (Not to mention the inability simply to move around out there without elbowing one’s way through several food lines.) It’s a serious problem for fan enjoyment of the game experience.

Adding insult to injury, by the time I got up to the service counter they were out of hotdogs. Really?


I went in 30 mins before kickoff yesterday and had no problem getting in quickly. This was the big entrance on the East side.

That said the East side concourse is always busy during halftime. I’m glad I tailgate so I don’t need to get food in the stadium.


We got there early too, and I noticed that the concession area lines were really short. I got a couple of bottles of water within a minute or two. As we went in, I commented to my son about how much the line problem had improvedI When I came out at halftime, I realized that I was very mistaken. I hope they can do something to fix it. Otherwise it really detracts from the game experience.