Sports Ilustrated ranks the bowl games:

Our bowl is 12th. Ahead of us: The Vegas Bowl, among others.

12. Alamo Bowl: 11 Utah vs. Texas

Date: Dec. 31, 7:30 p.m. ET, ESPN

Watch it because … this might be the best Upset Special of the bowl season. While the Utes are the better team and Texas’s staff is amid an overhaul, will Utah really be up for this game? The Utes were a win away from the playoff before the loss in the Pac-12 title game.

Early line : Utah -6.5

Weird fact : The Big 12 has won three of the last four matchups in this one.

I think any of the Top 12-3 could be rotated around. This is a solid season of bowl matchups. I am kind of shocked they didn’t try to force the Texas bowl to be UT vs TAMU.

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The Vegas bowl is an interesting match up so i understand that one but Tennessee vs Indiana in the Gator Bowl is the 10th best bowl game? It was so confusing to me I actually googled the author but he has no ties to either program. Maybe he’s connected to the gator Bowl.

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Both teams are really on the upswing (Tennessee late season). Styles really compliment for a great matchup. That said, Texas vs Utah and a bunch of other games do as much.

I don’t follow either team so there’s probably more to this game than I realize. It just doesn’t stand out to me as one of the 10 best bowl games.

I get that. One of my business partners is an IU grad and I work in Nashville so, it’s like having me on a Ute board IRL. Constantly telling me about a team I don’t care about. I’m really looking forward to Memphis Vs Penn State.

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That’s a pretty good comparison but to be fair I like a lot of what you bring to this board. Sometimes you cross into the realm of SEC spam but in my opinion you even it out with a quality outsider perspective.

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I still think we need an Ohio State Buckeye here. BTW, what happened to OCGreg? He was our USC guy.

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Oh, I could get the guy who works for me for your Buckeye fan. He’s very Ohio but isn’t as brotastic as most their fan base. My daughter learned why I Ohio State at the Rose Bowl last year. Worst fan base outside the SEC. Iowa is similar to OSU minus the National Championships

Thanks, but don’t worry about it. Our hands are full keeping track of you.


Didn’t he get banned? Or am I thinking of another USC fan? Dude used to make sexist jokes all the time. Wore thin.

I gave him the heave-ho a while back for some racist comments I believe.


I was going to say ‘racist’ but I didn’t want to impugn an innocent party. I should know better…

I don’t remember much about him except that he was an incessant USC homer. He posted during the time I was not very active here, so I guess I missed his hijinks.

Oh, so he’s from Huntington Beach.