Sports Illustrated has Utah in the Rose Bowl vs. Minnesota

I could live with that.

Me as well. I’d be able to take the whole family to the game due to proximity. I also like the matchup.

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What in the inferiority complex are y’all thinking being ok with Rose. You look like a playoff team. I understand “It’s the Rose Bowl” but you’re a team that split a National Championship (IMHO 2008 Utah was better than UF). Isn’t time for Utah to be in the playoff?

BTW, Utah is easily 10 points better than Oregon.


Agreed. I hope we end up in the CFP, but if the worst thing that happens to us is that we have to play in the Rose Bowl, that’s a wonderful situation.

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I could live with it, but I have to confess that I am still holding out hope for a CFP bid. I would love to see how Utah lines up against LSU, Clemson, or Ohio State (or whoever else might end up in the playoffs). This Utah team looks like it could be elite. Put us on the main stage, I say. :slightly_smiling_face:

Go Utes!


If we don’t end up in the CFP, adding a Rose Bowl trophy to the trophy case would not suck. It would look nice next to the Sugar Bowl and Fiesta Bowl trophies. Then all we need is to somehow get to and win an Orange Bowl and a Cotton Bowl and we will have the full set.

Oh, and a CFP trophy as National Champions would only get us a next-level recruiting class that would start a dynasty run.

Not a bad place at all for a little ‘ole school in a flyover state.


My goal is to see Utah play in the six major bowl games, so this year it looks like we are set up to go to either the peach or Rose. So I’m OK with either, but I’d love the peach.

We would destroy Minnesota.

I would like that too. I would prefer Minnesota to Penn St…

Utah vs Penn St would be everything right about college football versus everything wrong about college football.


The projected win against Oregon seems to be popular opinion. I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m just wondering why so many people seem to think that. I guess I don’t know enough about the match up or Oregon’s weaknesses. Anyone willing to shed some light on this topic?

Your defense is head an shoulders better than their D and the offensive side are about the se IMHO. Plus, I think you have a special teams advantage.

A special teams advantage? Seriously?

Yes, Utah has a 86th ranked in FG % kicker compared to their Kicker tanked at 136.

I know they have a good returner but I do believe you guys also have the better punter.

Our special teams is usually much better. Our kicker doesn’t have a lot of range, our punter is OK, and we have no reliable return man. We often have to go for it on 4th down because Whitt doesn’t trust Redding.

Maybe I was watching Everytime Oregon’s kicker missed extra points.