Sounds like Alex Smith is calling it a career

You don’t like seeing a career end this way, but unfortunately in football it happens more than anyone would like to admit.

Best wishes to him and his family, and I hope he has a ton of success in whatever he decides to do.


Makes perfect sense
He will always be a Ute.


given the severity of his injury and the complications he encountered in his recovery it’s not a surprise. I know he was holding out hope he that could return. Hate to see a career end on that note.

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I suspect he’s known he was done for quite a while, as has the team. The “comeback attempt” was for insurance purposes only.

I’m interested to see what Alex does with his time, now.

Econ degree from the U in 3 years. As smart or smarter than all his coaches in the league. His dad was the principal of Helix High in San Diego.

He could easily be an NFL analyst, but what does he really want to do?

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IIRC, he scored 38 on wunderlick. That’s exceptionally high.
Whatever path he chooses, he has the mental acumen and demonstrates the determination to make it happen.