Somewhere in Los Angeles

There are more than a few Ruin Alums rummaging the seat cushions to find the money to buy out Chip Kelly’s contract. Taking a beat down in Salt Lake the way they did has got to feel like being gratered by a D9 Caterpillar…for 4 straight hours.

I hope the sting from this one lights a fire under their asses to take out on U$uCk next weekend. Wrecking the Trojan’s season would be classic.

The irony, it was a relatively short game. Barely over 3 hours.


Sorry, but no. If we are still in the hunt for the playoff or Rose Bowl, we need USC to finish as strong as possible to take some of the sting off that loss.


I’m watching the UCLA game on PAC-12 in 60. It’s now about 1/3 of the way into the second quarter, and the game is pretty much over for UCLA. Nobody on the broadcast knows this quite yet, however. I am amazed at the broadcasters. They’re almost caricatures of UCLA homers. The incredibly foolish throw by the UCLA quarterback that was intercepted by Blackmun in the end zone they describe as “no worse than a punt.” LOL. They’re just gushing over that Bruin quarterback. When describing any achievement by the Utes, they’re kind of grudging about it. It’s hilarious.

By the middle of the 3rd quarter they are saying nice things about the Utes. Moss and Huntley are “the best two players in the country nobody knows about.“ They’re still eager to gush about UCLA whenever they can. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.