Someone just cancelled a 4 game in state series with Utah State

I’m sure the spin and the 180 degree justification will equate that of a pinwheel in a hurricane

Broken Wheel: BYU, Utah State put in-state rivalry on hold ‘for now’ Broken Wheel: BYU, Utah State put in-state rivalry on hold 'for now' | via @KSLcom

Remember when they whined like little girls when we joined the PAC and they were afraid we wouldn’t play them any more?

Good times.


I recall the grief we took from both USU and BYU fans about not scheduling in state schools.

I’m sure a athetic dept. audit is just around the corner


Not only from their fans but especially from the local media. Monson and Kinihan went off on the Utes because we wouldn’t play both USU & byu every year.

If byu plays the B12 schedule then is able to get a home & home with a Michigan or Florida, they will do exactly what we’ve done and drop the rivalry game.

byu’s recent success will run it’s course sooner rather than later then combine that with entering the watered down B12 and going 6-6 every year will be the norm. They may want USU for the 60% chance of victory.


Time for the state legislature to do an audit! Oh, cancel that, it’s the beloved parochial religious school, they must have legitimate reasons.


Won’t somebody please think of the children. What hypocrisy.