Some New Features You Might Not Have Noticed

Hey everyone - it has been a year since we launched the new UFN and I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I’ll admit that I was reticent to switch to a new platform given the popularity of the threaded format of the old UFN. However, now when I go to CougarBoard (which some may know was the original platform for UFN) I realize what a jumbled mess that really was. I am biased. But aside from that this platform has allowed us to grow and add new features easily. There have been some added since we launched that are worth noting:

  1. I mentioned yesterday, but we now have ‘auto dark mode’ so the site is easy to read at night if you have your phone or computer set to do the same. I really love this feature as I frequently struggle to sleep at night and so it makes night reading easier (and doesn’t light up the whole room).

  2. Ever read something and wanted to revisit it at another time? Consider adding a bookmark with a reminder. On a post you can click on the three little dots at the bottom and then select Bookmark… it will add that thread to the top of the site, and it will also remind you of something at a time you specify.

  3. We now support multiple email addresses with your account - so you can add more than one and still be able to successfully log in.

  4. Browser notifications - on most browsers now you can get notifications on posts that interest you, that your involved in, or where you get mentioned. In the browser, click on the lock, go down to notifications and click ‘allow’.

I’m looking for a stable way to automatically bring in tweets from accounts and posts we are interested in. We had a plugin and it wasn’t stable. That would basically make UFN an aggregator for all things Ute related. I’d also love your suggestions on new features.

Also, since most all of us will not be attending games this year, a reminder about the chat feature on this board - I’m hoping we can enjoy games together using that.

We’re almost a week away from UTAH FOOTBALL again, and I hope this board is central to your fan experience. Thanks to all of you who have supported this board monetarily and through content - we have a great community here and I’m grateful for it.