Some interesting W-L numbers for Utah in the PAC-12 over the last 10 years

someone mentioned the other day (maybe on twitter) that Utah was out-recruiting everyone in the conference this year, with the exception of Oregon, UW and USC.

since joining the PAC-12 in 2011 Utah is exactly .500 in conference at 43 wins/43 losses (including conference title games). Which isn’t too shabby considering we needed 4 seasons just to get our sea legs.

2011 4-5
2012 3-6
2013 2-7
2014 5-4
2015 6-3
2016 5-4
2017 3-6
2018 6-4
2019 8-2
2020 1-2

Interestingly, we are 36-24 (.600) against teams not named USC, Oregon and UW which is pretty good considering we weren’t talented enough in the early years.

Sadly, we are only 7-19 (.269) against USC, Oregon and UW. USC 3-7, UW 2-7, UO 2-5. Traditionally those schools are going to out recruit us, but I still think if we are going to be a contender in conference we need to improve our wins against the top 3.

Utah is 29-21 in conference since 2015 (.580) Against USC 2-4, UW 2-4, UO 2-2 Overall 6-10. That’s better but still could be better. If we could get to .500 against the big 3 that is about as good as you can expect IMO.