Some good streaming movie recommendations thread

Pro-tip: Don’t watch “I Am Legend” at 2am when you can’t sleep in the middle of a COVID-19 pandemic. (For those who haven’t seen it, the human population is basically wiped out by a modified measles virus, with a few humans having immunity and the remaining are zombies). That resulted in some anxiety-laden dreams when I finally could fall asleep.

But that got me thinking - I’d love some good recommendations on ‘free’ streaming movie options - I have Netflix and Amazon Prime (oh and I guess Disney+). For whatever reason, what these streaming services recommend for things they think I would like, and what I actually DO like are extremely different things.

I’d prefer movies over TV shows, also to not have to pay to rent a movie. Any suggestions?

Netflix: Lawless, Inglorious Bastards, Hell or High Water, The Naked Gun (holy hell I forgot how stupidly funny these were), Goodfellas, The Irishman, The Highwaymen, Evil Genius (I think this one is a 4 part series).

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I’m sure I’ll get destroyed for this one, but we just watched Legends of the Fall on Prime and it was great. Beautiful music and cinematography.



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I think Better Call Saul is on Netflix.

Holy ■■■■ this season was fantastic. I don’t think there’s ever been a better non-HBO series on TV.


I enjoyed The Foreigner with Jackie Chan on Netflix, if you like Jack Ryan type of movies.

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Moonrise Kingdom
Grand Budapest Hotel
The Life Aquatic
(Pretty much anything by Wes Anderson)
The Last Waltz (music rocumentary)
Spinal Tap
Thirteen Days (historical drama)
The Princess Bride (just too feel good)
Sophie’s Choice
Almost Famous
Inside Man (great robbery intrigue)
Contact (faith/science drama)
Nothing but the original Star Wars, but I digress…


Check out HBO, they are streaming free many of their best series including Sopranos and The Wire. I also just watched an older favorite movie they had free…Empire of the Sun…highly recommend.


Once Upon A Deadpool
Dracula 2000
All the Sharknados


Indeed! He’s my favorite director (well, along with the Coen brothers & Tarantino)

I’ve got to watch some old westerns: Butch Cassidy, True Grit, The Good the Bad & the Ugly, etc.


A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum


Oh I agree!
I didn’t want to pile on but,
Inglorious Bastards
No Country For Old Men
The Shootist (I think a great Western)

THANKS for the reminder - have not seen this in years - I will watch this today!


I don’t know what your tastes are in films, Rocker, but here are some more recent films ( 2018-2020) that I have enjoyed that are on the various streaming services:

-Parasite (Hulu - best picture winner)
-The Farewell (Amazon)
-Booksmart (Hulu)
-Fighting with My Famiiy (Hulu)
-Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Netflix)
-Always Be My Maybe (Netflix)

And for the kids:

-Farmageddon (Netflix - for kids, but a lot of fun sci-fi references for adults - its a “Shaun the Sheep” movie by the makers of Wallace and Grommet)
-How to Train Your Dragon 3 (Netflix)
-Onward (Disney+)

I also recommend the show The Expanse on Amazon, it’s high quality, mature sci-fi.

The movie was largely shot in the foothills West of Calgary. I spent a good deal of my youth camping in that area.


Murder Among the Mormons debuts on Netflix tomorrow. It’s a three part docuseries that covers about six years of Mark Hofmann’s life who was involved in LDS forgeries and murders surrounding those forgeries.

I’m fascinated in this story because one of my best friends at the time was a close relative of Mark Hofmann, and I knew his family well (not Marks family). He never liked or trusted him. But, it was crazy going through it with him in real time. As the years have passed, I’ve also become friends with one of the victims families. Salt Lake is the smallest big city in the country. In some ways its like a small town where everybody knows everybody by only one or two degrees of separation.

‘Murder Among the Mormons’ review: Forgery scandal turns fatal on Netflix - Chicago Sun-Times

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This is so TRUE! I’m constantly meeting someone who is a friend of an old friend or acquaintance of mine.

For most of the 90s, and all of the 2000-teens, I traveled for business frequently. I was always amazed at how rarely I showed up to the departure gate and any airport in the country for a flight to SLC, and ran into someone I knew getting on the same flight.

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Whoa, Justice League Zach Snyder Cut is FOUR HOURS LONG

Okay - if you love slow-mo, you are going to love the Snyder Cut of Justice League. That being said, it was much better than the original Joss Whedon release. My son and I had to break it up into 3 sittings… and I’m still not a big fan of super hero movies, particularly the DC ones (minus the Dark Knight Trilogy).

I’m watching Zero Zero Zero on Amazon Prime. I’m about 4 episodes in. It’s sort of a Narcos/Breaking Bad drug trafficking series involving a connection between the Italian Mafia, Mexican cartel and an American family. The acting is superb. Its intense, dark and really well done.

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