Some Astros apologize, owner Jim Crane kind of does?

“Our opinion is this didn’t impact the game,” Crane said Monday morning. “We had a good team. We won the World Series. We’ll leave it at that.”


“These are a great group of guys who did not receive proper guidance from their leaders.”

Describing his players like they get Gatorade and orange slices after games and a pizza party at the end of the season.

If they want to hit them where it hurts, MLB ought to vacate their championships and leave a big hole there. Banning the coaches, manager, and front office from baseball for 5 years would be a good idea too.

As a lifetime Angels fan, I have to dog in this fight. We blew our toes off and took a couple of gas cans to the mound at the end of too many games on our own. Houston didn’t need to steal signs on us.