So who here is headed to the Alamo Bowl?

We’re going. I just saw the Alumni Association tailgate thing is $65/person. Yikes. While that does include food, I’m struggling with it if there’s not going to be someone I know to chat with rather than just watching the Eccles family chat with each other.

I wish I could. The timing is not good for me. I’m still harboring secret hopes that I might be able to slip away, but the reality is that I will be watching the game on television.

But I will be coercing some Cougar friends to watch with me, so that’s good. :slightly_smiling_face:


I will be watching from my basement and noshing on tailgate grub while I watch.

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Not headed to the Alamo, Las Vegas, Holiday, et al. On the other hand, I was going to pull out all the stops for a dozen or so family members for the Rose Bowl, that is if it still exits in the future when college football becomes a professional entity.

I’ll be there and we are going to the tailgate. It is pricey.


We gave in and got tailgate tix, too. It’s not like we have better plans for the two hours prior to the game and the tower ride could be fun.

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