So what’s ESPN going to do now?

I hardly ever watch the talking heads on ESPN except when I’m at the gym in the morning, where there’s no sound on the monitors, only captioning. I glance up at the TV now and then. It’s an interesting way to see them. They’re all so doggoned earnest, as if they were talking about something truly important. Now society has realized that for the time being, what the ESPN guys devote their lives to discussing is just not that high on the priority list. Big time sports have been cancelled for a while in favor of something much more important. It’s an interesting thing to contemplate.

If a side benefit of this is Stephen A. Smith won’t be talking, the world is a better place.


Without games to watch, the mothership’s remaining content leaves much to be desired. Too much opinion and fraught with front runners that can be misleading and outright incorrect.

So Netflix and ill it is.


That’s the problem. Sports has been the only thing worth watching on TV for a long time. I can’t stand soap operas, and it’s all soap operas now (dramas, reality tv, etc).

Back to books and video games for me.


Books are a good option. But they’ve closed the libraries in many communities.

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They’ll blame the virus on Gobert.

On line. I have 3 currently checked out, and haven’t been to a library in years.

This is what they are doing. Lol.

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