So I was out of beer and went to the store

Good god…what a circus. The place was packed. Just for the hell of it I looked down the toilet paper aisle…totally empty. I went by the ramen and cup of noodles aisle (I like them, don’t judge me). All sold out. There’s a frenzy going on out there and I have no idea how it stops.

It’s easy to get caught up in it because you don’t want yourself to be out of something and not be able to buy it.

There was plenty of beer though.

All the important stuff was still in stock

When you’re my age with my gut, TP is important.


I suppose. Lots of substitutes though.

Plumbers are going to be doing well shortly when people switch to paper towels and clog their sewer lines.

We went to Fresh Market today. No TP, but we have 15 full rolls in reserve I’ve got to believe that’s three weeks for two people baring a GI disaster.

While all the big time sports are canceling, I just checked to see if the girls HS softball tourney my granddaughter is playing in down in Vegas is still happening. It is. More evidence of no rhyme or reason to a lot of this.

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I don’t shop in stores…I have a millennial basement dweller I send to shop. :wink:

LOL. It’s a good thing I installed bidets in all of my bathrooms a few weeks ago – minimal TP usage these days.