So I took a drive today

Went to the drive up window at the credit union. Also went to the grocery store. I got eggs and beer. That’s all anyone really needs. The store did have a lot of stuff, but I didn’t check to see if there was any TP. My wife picked some up at Costco last week.

There are still a lot of people out and about (I know, I know, including me).

I’m glad I don’t really care for hard liquor. I understand that there are a lot of lines at the liquor stores.

Also glad I’m not in the market for guns or ammo. Same story as the liquor stores.

People are drinking ammo?

With the proper mixer. It brings a whole new meaning to the term “reloading”.

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They aren’t drinking ammo, they are wiping their butts with it.

That will cause explosive diarrhea.


I went to the liquor store to buy some wine. People buying as if they owned restaurants. Here we go with more non sense.


Glad I don’t drink or smoke anymore. 2 less things to worry about

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Same here.

We bought a few bottles of the cheapest Vodka, it’s not much more expensive than rubbing alcohol and it’s great for disinfecting surfaces.

I’m sure you’re just kidding but rubbing alcohol has something like 70% alcohol. Vodka has 40%. Poor substitute. Sanitize your insides instead.

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I’m not joking. I know it’s not as good but the store didn’t have rubbing alcohol so Vodka is better than nothing. Ever-clear would be better but the nanny state of Utah only allows you to buy them in pints and limits how many you can buy.

Here in St George I’ve mostly been only going out around 11 at night, figuring the stores would be mostly empty of people. They have, but also of course shelves are emptier.

Yet to see TP in the 3 weeks I’ve been here. Last Friday was the worst, almost every shelf seemed empty in Walmart. Haven’t been back. But in the last week at groceries it’s been no bread, no paper products or Lysol, and only the expensive brands of milk and expensive cuts of meat.

Today with stores not open late anymore I tried 10 a.m. and tons of bread, a little milk and beef back as well. Still no paper products or cleaning stuff. Also no water today surprisingly. Stores were packed, which creeped me out a little.

Also have family in trucking management. Just FYI they’ve been asked to be available 24/7 and many are just sleeping in their cars a few hours then back inside. They’re trying to fix the shortages.

I ordered a gun I’ve been eyeing for awhile about a week ago from a local dealer’s website. It showed in stock, but I didn’t realize that meant in stock at the distributor in Texas. Normally I’d have it within a couple of days, but they said it will be at least 2-3 weeks. Guess I underestimated the fear level out there.

We went mountain biking this morning on Antelope Island. I joked with my brother last night that we should go early to avoid the crowds. He asked if I meant people or bugs. Turned out bison would have also worked.

However, as we were leaving the park at about 11:30, the parking lot was full, and there was a line of cars literally a half mile long waiting to go into the park. We were floored by how many cars there were, think trying to leave Provo after a Utah win at Lavell a Edwards Stadium.

I guess people are already tired of being cooped up, and thought the AI would be a nice open place where they could avoid people.

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I had several chores to do in Davis County. One required finding salt for water softener.

The Layton Home Despots (sic), was jam packed. I went to checkout, paid for a dozen bags, drove to pro-pickup and loaded my truck. Glad I hardly entered that zoo.
Looked to me like business as usual on a typical spring Saturday.