So I have 4 extra tickets to the OSU game this weekend

I have 4 extra tickets to the OSU game this weekend.
The up side is they are free if you are gonna be up here.
The down side is that you’d have to sit with my fat ass.

Hit me up if interested

I can’t figure out how to message you, but I’m interested… if you don’t mind a few Ute kids sitting with us.

Second video down shows how to boardmail, just FYI:

I have 2 tickets left. So the kiddos aren’t a problem for me, but having enough tix now may be

Are you living in Oregon now?

I live in Vancouver WA. Have for about the last 4 years

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That stadium is nice. Whoever goes with you should have a great time. Now the last time I was at a Utah game there, we lost. But we will never speak of that again.

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So I watched the video on sending boardmail and I don’t see the “New Message” button above my “Inbox”. Is sending messages reserved for folks who donate to the site?

You get moved up to trust level #1 by spending some time on the site, commenting, etc and then you’ll ‘earn’ the ability to boardmail etc. It keeps the spam down. Since I know you I’ve upgraded you to level 1.

Tickets are all accounted for!
Go Utes

Thanks, I apprecaite it.