So I go to Cougarboard to see haw they are responding to Utah's win today and

They are saying. UW just isn’t good this year. ???!!! They beat the kitties 49-19 at their house!! Show some respect.

Is this why I hate them???

It’s why I ignore them.


Screw em.

But how funny is that since before the game

Why subject yourself to that sort of abuse? Not worth talking to them.


You’re right. The last time I posted on their board was to congratulate them on their win over Boise State. Kind of an attempt to put away the resentment I have for them. I used no sarcasm at all and was purely congratulatory. I was then told to GO AWAY! Geesh

I did similar last year, and got nothing but crap in return. So, since then, it’s been, “screw’em” they can’t accept good thing from us, then screw’em.

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Denial is hilarious and kitty tears are delicious.

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Play them every 3-4 years and ignore them…