So far we look like we believed all the hype

I hope this post doesn’t age well.

It won’t :slight_smile:

I have no faith in Whittingham. We look overmatched.


Alamo Bowl. Saves me a trip.

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Vegas Bowl!! :rofl:

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As pleasantly surprised as I was on Wednesday night, I am equally unpleasantly surprised tonight.

What was Ludwig’s game plan?

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Try to run between the tackles, except there’s nothing there.

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We were up 20-0 on Northwesters last year and didn’t score again and lost. Faith brethren

I think you got the scoring direction wrong. We’re down 20. We’re playing like crap. The rain is starting. We lost Blackmon. Secondary is getting torched. They’re getting decent Rushing yardage. Unlikely this is going to get any better.

I blame the coaches. Can’t handle the hype.


Sadly this post aged very well…dang…

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