Skiing injuries explained

This will be especially interesting to our posters who ski.

An interesting topic. I used to work in insurance for the ski industry. There was a training video produced that described how almost all ACL tears occur when skiing. It was made by some doctors, I believe at the University of Vermont. They actually had collected several home videos of people skiing who happened to fall and tear an ACL on video.

Basically, falling backwards and putting pressure on the inside edge of the tail end of a ski causes the majority of ACL tears when skiing.

I’ll go out on a limb here and suggest that 100% of ACL tears have always occurred on the skier’s last run of the day.


I used to ski patrol. Whenever we were in a group at the end of the day, when one person said “I’m done, you guys go without me” the group would say “That’s our last run too”


One of the best things about being retired and pretty much only skiing on weekdays with a season pass is there is no pressure to try to maximize a day and take that last run when I’m too tired for it. I almost always wrap it up by 2:30.