Since when did Utah get “Cascade Concrete” snow that you can’t use your snowblower on

Asking for a friend. :wink:

Best purchase I made was a snowblower that can blast through this stuff. This water content in January would be 2’ of powder.

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Use a shovel you pansies.


Heh, since he has been traded I can tell this story. Ricky Rubio lived in my neighborhood last year. I live in an older neighborhood that is a mix of pretty average-sized homes and pretty large homes because most of the lots are a half-acre within SLC limits. He was renting a pretty large house. We rarely saw him but he had a handful of other people who lived there with him (his staff I assume) who were all from Spain and spoke very little English.

If you remember that huge snowstorm that shut down the schools last year - most of my neighbors were snowed in, so I spent the day digging a few of my neighbors out. Figuring they likely had hired someone to clear their driveway I skipped their home and focused on some of the older people around me.

So I was done and headed home when I noticed at his house that a lady in her 20s was trying to dig out their walkway to their door with a dirt shovel - obviously they didn’t have anyone coming nor the tools to clear their driveway. So I went and started snow blowing their driveway.

A couple of the people living there came out on their porch to watch me snow blow and finally one of them approached me. I was expecting them to offer to pay me or something so I was preparing to decline, when the guy says to me in broken English, “Can I get you to take a picture of me behind your machine?” So of course I said yes and took his picture as he pretended to snow blow. He took his phone back, thanked me for the photo and they all went inside. :joy:


I did shovel…a foot of that wet foulness off my sidewalks and driveway.

Now if the County can get out with the plows, maybe I won’t need to have Amazon air drop the dog sled and malamutes so I can go places tomorrow.


For the record, the wall planter around that tree is 14” high.

How much snow did you get?

What snowblower do you have?

There are conditions where a plow blade is better.

14 inches.
Greenworks 80v Snowblower
If I ever went to a blade, I would want the 4-wheeler to go with it. :wink:

Hey, Ironman1315 is entitled to call me a pansy for my Utah PTSD; I’ll own that. But I clear my walks and driveway with a shovel, so I’m not taking any of that stuff from Newbomb Turk!

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Ariens 30" SHO gas powered snowblower. Cordless electric are a waste of time. Might as well shovel.


Snow blowers need gas, oil, etc. When I’m done using my shovel, I just lean it against the side of the garage. Gives me some exercise too.


I enjoy shoveling, but we have a 90’ drive and need to be at work at 06:15. So on big dump days, our two-stage Toro does the job and throws the wettest stuff with ease.

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Due to my wife’s health we are staying in SLC fo the winter so I had to get a blower. Guys from upper Michigan, Minn. and Wisconsin on my guitar forum all recommended an Ariens. I had never heard of it, but found out it’s the “official” snowblower of Lambeau Field. I figured that’s good enough fo me so I got the two-stage 24" electric start and that bad boy threw the heavy wet stuff half way across the yard. Still hate the cold and snow though.


Every year we get one or two of these. Usually they are in the spring. They do a good job of pruning the weak branches off of trees.

The electric snowblower might be good for fluffy powder days of less than 6 inches. Otherwise, gas powered is the way to go.

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As anyone who has visited Casa Shasta knows, we have a very short driveway so it never made sense for us to buy a new snowblower. However last year we found a relatively new one at an estate sale for $200. Still a little more than we wanted to pay. One thing estate salers know is that Sunday everything is half price. We had the neighbors to our house for drinks Saturday night and mentioned that we might go back and get the snowblower for $100 Sunday morning. Gregg, the neighbor, made the remark that selling his snowblower when he downsized was the biggest mistake he made. So I asked f he wanted to go in half and he said yes. We went to the sale the next morning and bought it for $100, $50 each.

The next storm that rolled through we were snowblowing our driveways when another neighbor came out and asked us where we got the snowblower. We told her the story and she went into her house and came back with two $20s and two 5s and asked if she could buy a share. So now three of us own the snowblower. We decided that since we all have fairly small driveways we would rotate clearing each others’ driveways.

So this week’s snow was my rotation to do clear the driveways so I went to get the snowblower from Gregg & V’s place and can’t find it anywhere. Then I remember that the last person to snowblow last spring was Cynthia so she probably has it. Send her a text, she comes out of her garage and no, she doesn’t have it. So we both go back to search for our snowblower. Nothing. So I send a text, “hey, can’t find the snowblower”. Come to find out it’s at Gregg & V’s storage unit. And they’re in the Virgin Islands.

Is this irony? Karma? Is Max Hall cursing me? Am I just doomed to be a disappointed Ute? Who is this character in the hospital? Why was he try to kill Nordberg? And for whom? Did Ludwig lie? I didn’t have any proof, but somehow I didn’t trust him either. Why didn’t he know the I Love You was listed in his records? And if it was, why didn’t he know about it? And where the hell was I?

Bonus if you read everything and know where the quote come from.


And don’t you forget it!!! :wink:

My electric took care of this afternoon’s mess in short order.

Never mind the fact that all the shovels and snowblowers in the neighborhood worked like Zamboni’s and created the greatest hockey conditions ever.

Thank god for deicer.

I’m not buying for a minute Newbomb shovels his own driveway.

I always have. And I have never owned a snowblower.

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