Simply Because Hope Springs Eternal

I present this.

I just got the bag, head covers, and a Utes towel as the new home for my clubs.
It’s time to play.

Hoping to play? Courses are open! I have a tee time later today at Sun Hills in Layton.

Nice set up! A few years back, we ran into these unlikely pairing at Davis. Hopefully you can avoid the same fate.

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For me it has been the time factor. Been too busy to break out a couple of hours for 9:holes. Stressed out earthquake people…stressed out COVID-19 people,stressed out uneducated land speculators who “think” they are developers…stressed out service providers…all while trying to set up virtual and manage meetings to keep the business of government going.

I need the flow to slow for a break. Normally I would be getting ready for my annual St. George conferences road trip…not this year.