Simi Moala walks off the team and into the transfer portal

He started the first 2 games but didn’t play again.

This leaves the Utes very thin at OT. Bam and Daniels are starting, but Daniels is really a guard and Bam is very raw. Injuries happen, so it seems likely the Utes will need another OT to play some snaps before the year is done. From the depth charts it looks like the next man up will be redshirt FR Falcon Kaumatule. He has seen a little action this year.

Another option would be to move Ford out to OT, and have Paul Maile start at center.

This is a bit worrisome. Anyone have any insight into the situation?

Anyone really know why Simi quit on the team? Harding/kwhit needs to be extra careful regarding the Poly pipeline- it’s been Utah’s cash cow for decades. Now that the zoobs are going to be in the little 12, things may change a bit.

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I’m hoping he knew the five star kid from Oregon is coming and saw the writing on the wall and left. Hey- I’m a glass-half-full kinda guy.


hate to tip that half filled glass over - that 5* is going to BYzoob…ouch

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That’s the word in HS coaching circles. Not a done deal, but a tough flip.

Darn, it’s a shot glass; thought it was more stable than that.

Best wishes to the kid. Hope he finds what he is looking for.

so he will transfer here in two years

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The glass is balanced on a marble.

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Apparently you have not looked at the BYU roster for the past 25 years. It has been loaded with Polys, as are the rosters of most of the PAC 12.

Oh I’ve looked at it. The last decade we’ve taken a lot Poly’s (and others) who would have gone to tds if they were in a p5. Utes don’t hold that leverage anymore. Personally, I say any player who has even the slightest calling to be a zoob or transfer to the land of zoobs, should be released immediately. Time for a deep, deep cleansing.