Signs that teams hold up on the sidelines, with four quadrants displaying various pictures, symbols, and words

The two plays at the end of the Ute’s first drive on third and two and fourth and two, the Utah sidelines should have held up a sign that displayed only one word in big bold letters, MOSS.

I feel for the seniors that came back. Much of the media was fawning over our Utes, overhyped them to some degree. I was a little afraid that if the Utes got in the playoffs vs. LSU or Ohio State it would be Georgia vs. Hawaii revisited.

I’m not looking forward at all to a season or two in the future when D-I collegiate basketball and football become full blown professional. Come sign with Kentucky basketball, or USC football, along with receiving a full ride scholarship a group of car dealerships also guarantees $35,000 per year to ever player on the team to use your likeness and image.

You forgot the part where you say “Get off my lawn.”