Sigh. This is just becoming the norm with this team

The announcers were using the youth angle from the start It’s not just the losses. It’s the blow outs. And Larry had nobody to blame by himself for this team bring young

We’ll do better once we get Larry’s guys in the program.


trust in Larry

The good, the bad, and the ugly. Almost all bad and ugly:

Those kids need to toughen up and start playing some defense. Nobody bodied up on any of the Zona kids last night. The set shots were daggers straight to the heart. We were flat out hustled.

Making youthful mistakes is one thing. Getting out worked is something else. We got out worked.

I refuse to over react, when you have a guy that averages 4 pts per game and just goes on a tear, there isn’t much you can do. Many of those 3s were bad contested shots, but he swished every one. Overall the team shot somewhere around 60% from 3, and more than doubled their season average for made 3-pts. Sure, we could maybe say that we should have been running them off the line, but they also were doing pretty well on the offensive boards and in the paint, so maybe it’s a matter of pick your poison.

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That said, we need to stop the bleeding against ASU. None of this was unexpected as far as losses, although I think we all hoped/expected that we wouldn’t get completely run out of the gym. We better come out fighting.

We need to be way more physical, and in the good news department, I thought Micky was great down the stretch just banging like a MAN. There were several occasions where he clearly could have been called for an offensive foul, but he took the right approach of ■■■■ it, we are gonna lose anyway, no point in losing our pride too. He had a nice hook, and a couple big shoulders to clear space. He is fast becoming my favorite player on this team, he can be a beast, I hope Larry fosters that and Carlson sees that potential and wants to join him (Lahat too, as I said before, I love his energy).

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I’m never shocked when a team this young performs poorly on the road. For me, just about any win on the road this season is gravy. The key is making sure the guys don’t get demoralized from the losses and we start having the mass defections again.


Hazzard (who’s been averaging about 5 points a game) came off the bench and torched us with and endless stream of treys. Sigh.

Knew we had a brutal start to the season (Oregon, Colorado, and Zona in succession) but hoping we would at least compete.

Still will be there in the Hunty next week cheering them on.

Defense, rebounding, physicality, aggressiveness. The lack of all of these concerns me much more than the expected loss.

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To me it seems pretty obvious that we simply can’t compete in the paint. Just look at Carlson and Lahat, and compare them to the big men on the other teams. There’s usually a 30 or 40 pound difference. If this turns out to be a really long season, that will be one of the main reasons, I think.


The good news is if it is 30-40 lb difference that is something that can be corrected. I suspect it will happen too - just too hard to put on muscle mass in this part of the season.


Yep, it just takes effort. Unless you’re Brekkott Chapman, who I am told could not gain weight to save his life. Who knows how hard he actually tried?

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As much as I agree they are using the youth as a crutch there is a lot of truth to it.
Being young it’s easy to feel outmatched versus a really good team and get defeated.
An experienced team knows that there are bad games and if you’re at this level then you’re good enough. This team hasn’t figured out that they are Div I players, once they know they can play with anybody the youth argument isn’t acceptable.


We were torched from behind the arc, this loss wasn’t because we couldn’t compete in the paint,

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That corner 3 just sealed the deal for them. We couldn’t defend the perimeter. It seemed like when we came out in the second half we were doing a better job of double teaming their big man, only to be torched from the outside.

Agreed. I didn’t see the Arizona game but from the reports it sounds like they couldn’t miss. ASU same thing.

People who know more about basketball tell me Lahat and Carlson will be good – Lahat was called “special” – but that they need time and more weight/strength. That seemed clear against SDSU and Oregon.

Mostly our team looks to me like what they are: young. They’re capable of flashes of greatness and also of face-plants.

I get frustrated very quickly when I see players make the same mistakes game after game after game. I don’t see consistent energy and effort from these guys. I see very little improvement from Goch and Battin from last year to this year. I gauge the team by how long I can stand to watch the games. I watched about 10 minutes of both CU and UofA and about 3 minutes into the second half of ASU. How do you let ASU score 52 points in the second half?

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You definitely hit on a nerve with me. I am very concerned too about the seeming lack of growth out of those two. Both has had his moments but after the last several games, I’m expecting to see his face on a milk carton. Reilly has just not played very good at all so far this season.