Should Van Komen redshirt?

After last night I sort of think so for a couple of reasons. Seeing Carlson and Thioune, and knowing we have Reininger in a pinch, makes me think we could be fine at the position. A RS year could help Van Komen bulk up (he should be on the Both Gach lifting program as it clearly worked) and helps spread out the freshman class a little.


Is there a certain number of games he can play and maintain the redshirt, like football?

I agree. I haven’t seen enough of Thioune though. So far, he appears that he can be very talented, but has his ups and downs which should be expected due to his lack of experience. I’m for red shirting Van Komen and let Thioune get his experience.

There is and I don’t know the number, but as a percentage, it’s a very limited amount compared to football. In fact it might be the same number of games, like 2 or 3.

I think it would be good to redshirt him, I don’t think he helps us that much this year, but he could be big for us over the next 4, and potentially huge for us in the 4th year if the current crop all runs out of eligibility (assuming Larry can stop the revolving door).

I was surprised he did not play—he has looked really good on the D end. But it might be the best for everyone as he currently has no offensive game & is not yet a great rebounder—needs to grow into his body. Plus hard to find minutes for 3 bigs—Carlson is the real deal & Lahat is also a D force & a decent rebounder. If all 3 try to play, someone gets frustrated with no minutes & leaves.
Or maybe he is just hurt.?

I’m pretty sure the second he steps on the court during an actual game he burns his redshirt. The new redshirt rule was only was for football.

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The percentage of season thing is for medical hardship waiver. As far as I know, there is no football-like rule in BB for standard redshirting.

Larry already had the other 2 bigs before he went after Van Komen, and I know he wanted him. Clearly he had a desire for 3 bigs and a plan to utilize them. I expect Larry will get to that plan as soon as Van Komen is ready to go. I expect that everything that can help this year will be a priority over year 5 down the road. Well, that is my vote. Van Komen’s height is unique among the 3 and will be utilized when ready.

This is correct, even playing one minute in a regular season game counts as a year of eligibility.

paper today said he will not redshirt.