Shawn Bradley in a serious bike accident

I’ve met Shawn a couple of times and he is a class-act, great guy. Very very sad to hear this has happened to him and hits close to home given my own bike accident. Shawn and I met the first time doing a charity bike ride actually.

Ah crap, that really sucks. I’ve met him too, with his family at dinner one night. He was in the same ward as my mother in law. She really liked him.

This is a hard one to take. He really is a nice guy. I can only wish him and his family well in this trying time.


My first time meeting Shawn Bradley was at a charity bike ride that had a dinner the night before. I saw I was seated at the same table as him and his wife. When he sat at the table it is like when I sit at my daughter’s tea set, his knees went above the table. They were super nice and engaging, we were the least important people at the table but they were as interested in talking to us as anyone. We rode a bit together the next day, and he even remembered me a couple of months later when we crossed paths again on our bikes.

One cool thing he did was they had a silent auction and he went and bid on everything that didn’t have a bid on it, so he donated a lot of money that night quietly. I know that because I overheard him say to his wife he was going to do that and after he gave us a bunch of the stuff he won.

One other side note - he had a custom frame made. The standard 700c wheels on his bike frame however looked tiny - like a circus bear bike. If I remember correctly, somebody also stole his bike at one point, which I have no idea how they even wheeled that thing off, or why. It is the most identifiable bike in America.

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I recall hearing several years ago, that someone stole the custom made mountain bike that Michael Doleac had made for himself.

Ugh. What a kick in the gut. Wishing his family well.

I ski quite a bit but am not much of a risk taker – no trees or backcountry. No Angels Landing for me. Even my investments are boring.

Bless you guys that ride, but no thank you. Stay safe out there.

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I remember seeing one of his bikes at The Highlander way back when. It was HUGE, and yes the wheels looked tiny on it too. I don’t remember who made it for him, but it was a local builder, so either Stout or Rogue at the time.

That blows. What kind of crappy inattentive driver failed to see THAT on the road?

I think you nailed it, crappy inattentive driver. I’ve been buzzed too many time by those types, and hit once by one.

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Shawn is a good guy. It’s tragic this happened to him.

Keep your heads on swivels while driving your cars folks. All it takes is a split second of not knowing what I’d gong on around your vehicle to have a lifetime of guilt. The riders an pedestrians get the use the roads, too.


Those are standard-sized bike wheels. I wonder how stable it was, I can only imagine what the geometry did to the rake and trail of that bike.

Just horrible news and all because someone wasn’t paying attention or was too impatient to wait for a safe place to pass. Please all drive safely out there as a quick moment of carelessness can have tragic consequences.

Yikes, the steerer tube looks to be the same length or longer than the actual fork!

Front end geometry looks pretty standard, approx 73 deg, seat tube too. Looks like longer chainstays, there’s your extra stability, lengthening the overall wheelbase about 2" maybe 3". I’m surprised his bottom bracket doesn’t have more drop, but that’s just me.

Yes, the steerer tube looks LONG, but has to be for Shawn.

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I knew Shawn quite well for a time. This is devastating news. But knowing Shawn, he’ll bounce back and use this trauma as an opportunity to help others. That’s the kind of person he is.