Shaw leaving Stanford?

Makes sense he would test himself. Just not with the team in DC:

Panthers would be much better situation than the mess in DC. Ownership seems smarter in Charlotte.

As long as that little Troll owns the Skins I’d stay far away from that mess.

I as a Raider fan can never criticize other teams and their ownership but, you’re right.

I’m a lifelong Cowboys fan, and Jerry isn’t doing my team any favors playing GM. So, yeah I understand bad ownership.

My college roommate’s daughter was a Redskin Cheerleader/dancer for a few years after he bought the team and she hated him. You would think that most owners wouldn’t even know who they are but she said he was an obnoxious jerk.

Pics or it didn’t happen :wink:


Ha! Don’t have one; but here’s my cousin who was a Penguins Ice Girl. (Brunette on left, middle row).


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