Secret for enjoying this basketball season

Just pay attention and watch every other week. (Home games)

Completely ignore the off week, pretending it just doesn’t exist.

They’re doing they’re best.
There doing fine.


Ok. It’s the second week.

GO UTES. Great those bastard Bruins. I HATE UCLA. Ten championships in 12 years. I’ll NEVER get over that!

Ok. Sorry about that. BEAT those bastards.

(Too much beer.)

I grew up in the Wooden era. Learned to hate UCLA when very young. My favorite pre-Majerus Ute hoops memory was when Pace Mannion, Peter Williams, Angelo Robinson, Chris Winans and others (coached by Jerry Pimm) took them down in Boise in 1983.


I so agree! What a game!

(Where did the UTE program go?)

I was at the 1977 game when Idaho State beat UCLA in the NCAA tournament. So sweet!! (Let’s not bring up the UTE/UNLV memory from that year.)

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After last night, seems this post didn’t age well. :wink:

Me too. Damn we are old!

Another good one in 87 was Wyoming (with Fenis Dembo and Eric Leckner) beating UCLA in the Hunty with 5000 or more enthusiastic Poke fans screaming dubya-why-oh!

Funnest time I’ve ever had at a non-Ute game.

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