SEC Scheduling

Why the SEC needs to scrap divisions

ESPN article…

Excerpt: "You’ve probably heard by now that Auburn and Florida, who meet in Gainesville on Saturday, have played each other only once in the past 11 seasons. This is a long-standing rivalry, and this will be the eighth time the programs meet as top-10 teams, but they barely play anymore.

Georgia won’t play Texas A&M for the first time as a conference rival until later this season. LSU won’t visit Missouri for the first time until 2023, 11 years after A&M and Mizzou joined the SEC.

This barely qualifies as a conference.

Florida head coach Dan Mullen said as much last week, noting that Florida has more games scheduled against USF than Mississippi State. “I think it’s an injustice for the kids. We should mix those games up, and you should play more teams from the West and get the opportunity to play more SEC games.”’

14 teams is at least 2 too many for a conference. At least the SEC grabbed a good team with A&M. The Big10 foolishly added Maryland and Rutgers.

Of course, this problem would be greatly alleviated if they would just man up and play 9 conference games.

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