SEC Championship Game

When will Brian Johnson realize WR screen = punt? Damn I want him to win but that play in his playbook needs to disappear.

Throw vertical = TD

Let’s just all admit. SEC top teams make the rest of college football look hopeless. So much talent at every position. NOT FAIR!

The top two or three teams are really good but the middle and bottom of the SEC is terrible. It’s a very unbalanced conference.

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Alabama is unstoppable.

Steve Sarkisian is probably on his third cocktail since the half ended. Must be nice having a dominant offensive line.

Omg, shotgun from 1 foot from goal line. Fumble. Bailed out by Alabama lined up offsides.

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This is Bama’s toughest game since Ole Miss gave them a run for their money. Complete cake walk of a season.

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Alabamba’s offensive line is dominant. Florida should have been onside kicking. Gotta have more possessions, only way to beat a dominant offensive line that has skill position players who don’t take risks and turn the ball over.

Glad to see the PAC 12 referees contributed with two blown “no fumble calls” that resulted in UF TDs. Y’all really have the most special referees in all P5.

Plus, UF’s defense tackles a little too low:

Was hoping the University of Brian Johnson’s could come back in this one. Regardless, I think he’ll make a good head coach one day. Maybe even here.

He needs to be HC somewhere and hire Sarkisian as OC to call plays because his play calling still stinks.

Sark may hire him (not joking) if he takes the Auburn job or one of the PAC 12 opening. Arizona needs to make that call.

Sark has the perfect gig at Alabama, not sure why he would want to be an HC again. He can carry a flask around as OC and nobody is going to mind.

Plus, as an Alabama OC he makes $2.5 million a year.