Scoring in PAC12 play

Points scored
#1 Utah 335(37.2ppg)
#2 Ucla 319(35.4ppg)
#4 Ore 284(31.5ppg)

Points allowed
#1Utah 182(20.2ppg)
#2 Cal 167(20.9ppg)*Cal has only played 8 games
#6 Ore 234(26.0ppg)

Scoring differential
The glaring difference between Utah and the rest.
#1Utah 335-182(+17ppg)
#2Ucla 319-244(+8.3ppg)
#4 Ore 284-234(+5.5ppg)

But Whittingham stifles offenses, we all know that.


Its called sarcasm. I’m pointing out the old tired argument that everyone makes that Utah has a bad offense and that is whittingham’s fault. Clearly that isn’t the case. I’m actually supporting your post.

What’s that about being an admin?


Wow, sarcasm you say? Very interesting and totally clever and original.

Anyway, what about that point differential, any useful thoughts?

I think it shows that generally, Utah has been the monster of the conference this season.


It’s nice to see this evolution. We have had good offense in the past (Tyler Huntley’s regime comes to mind), but it is probably never going to be what we are best known for under Whittingham.

Even with the scoring prowess, leading the differential category shows that there is also balance.

The defense this year has gotten better as the year has gone on. I think that is a result of a young team being coached well, plus some good player leadership.