Running Utes

Also, the more I watch Larrson, the more I like the kid.

Newman seems to think (and I agree with him) that the starting lineup will be Rylan, Pelle, Timmy, Mikki, and Branden.

He thinks that Plummer, Battin and Brenchley will be the other guys in the mix for minutes and labelled Lahat, Ian, and Jordan as question marks. Not sure i agree on that one, but time will tell.

That’s the starting lineup we’ve known all offseason (modulo one freshman guard).

I don’t see how Lahat doesn’t get minutes. There’s no one else.

Ian Martinez will play, I would imagine he will split time with Pelle. Though having watched the highlight of Pelle, he really seems like a Britton Johnson but with a better build and not so herky jerky.

A few months ago, I was assured that martinez would start and would be on the all-Pac12 freshman team. I told people to tap the brakes a bit, but people just see stars when they look at recruits. Recruiting just doesn’t work like that. You have to stockpile blue chips and hope that some of them work out.

At any rate, whether it’s Larsson or Martinez, someone will need to produce as a freshman.

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My hope is that ian and pelle have athleticism that better translates on the floor than BG.

And that they won’t miss 25 threes in a row.